Jonathan Graybill

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With Graybill’s music, each of his works is hand crafted, beginning from an idea that resonates strongly with the composer. His music is inherently an exploration of the inner, personal journey of the self and soul, and expressed through subtle and dynamic writing. Nature and the inner human interaction with environment and surrounding is a prominant thread through his work.


Graybill is capable of writing for a variety of media, from small chamber groups to full orchestra, concert band, electroacoustic, and works for dance. Each of his works strives to bring together his artistic visions in a practical and idiomatic fashion. He works in varied styles, and collaborates closely with his performers when writing directly for specific musicians to create music tailored to the individual performer.


His music has been praised for its ingenuity, expressive palette, and sometimes quirky nature by performers, conductors, and concert goers alike.








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