Jonathan M. Graybill 
Composer • Educator


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With my music, each of my works is hand crafted, each germinating from musical ideas that resonate intimately with me. I garner my inspiration from nature and the great outdoors, field recordings, history, and the legends and stories of the indigenous people of North America.

An emerging portion of my musical language weaves the sounds of field recordings of natural places and historic spaces into my work, merging threads of time and memory into the human medium of music. When working with recorded sound, my philosophy has been to extract the most out of a minimal number of recorded sounds, and to present that sound upfront as it originally sounded before extracting the hidden languages awaiting to be discovered within.

My music also explores diverse concepts of connectivity. Be it connective links between us and the microscopic materials that we are made from, the thread that connects us all as one being, connectivity between time, age, and epochs, or projects that connect to locally sourced ideas.

I strive to craft music that connects, heals, and creates meaning and inclusiveness.

Fully capable of writing for a variety of media, I have written for small chamber groups, full orchestra, concert band, electroacoustic, voice, and works for dance. Each of my works strive to bring together my artistic vision in a practical and idiomatic fashion. I work in varied styles, and collaborate closely with my performers when writing directly for specific musicians to create music tailored to the individual performer or venue.