The Zodiac for Orchestra

Jonathan Graybill and composer/astrologer Sara Priebe are co-composing a work in collaboration for symphony orchestra based on the archetypes of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

We see an opportunity to create new music based on the signs of the zodiac, and intend for it to be a meaningful, compelling, and immersive astrological and musical experience. Cosmically themed works have been musically explored throughout history, but as of yet, there do not seem to be any works that we know of which directly and deeply explore and illustrate the archetypes of each of the zodiac signs in detail, in the exact way that we have in mind to do.  

Listen to the Prelude:

“We believe in the remarkable healing power that music holds, and that astrology is a helpful tool for self knowledge and understanding. Music is a profound and universal language that is consistently woven through human experience, supports the development of a person in mind, body, and soul, and can strengthen one’s relationship with self and others, build community, as well as aid in creative expression and transformational healing. Astrology is a physical and metaphysical system which helps to better understand archetypes, rhythms, patterns, the soul’s journey: individual, collective, and cosmic, to maximize potential. In light of these powerful frames of reference, we intend to create an environment of learning, fascination, beauty, and reflection which is enriching to listeners through the creation of our cosmic music, within the larger expanse of the cosmic energy and music of the universe. “
— Sara Priebe, composer/astrologer